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LED Lights LED Lights with best energy saver.
Solar System A solar water heater system is the most competitive alternative to conventional water heating methods such as electric geysers and fuel-fed boilers.
Online UPS The Basic Purpose of the Online UPS systems is to protect critical, costly and sensitive equipment from the electrical disturbances that will otherwise jeopardize their operation or affect their performance.
Solar home Lighting System We offer a diverse gamut of solar home lighting system that is durable and is extremely cost effective.
Solar Power Conditioning Unit Solar Power Conditioning Unit is a complete solar power integrated system manufactured using the latest technology in both solar and inverter systems.
Solar Sine Wave Inverters Solar Energy, offers the best alternative energy solution.
High Frequency Solar Inverter It is designed to deliver up to 4 A of charge current to Li-ion or Li-polymer applications. The charge current is programmable by an SMBus interface through the EV2300 interface board.
Solar PV Charge Controllers The solar charge controller regulates the power going from the solar panels to the batteries.
High Voltage Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge controller is equipped with world's latest technology Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Fully protected against lightning, transient over voltage and reverse current flow.
Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller (adopts MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The advanced tracking algorithm make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can produce the maximum available power.
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